Faces of Hillbrow

Yowzer, Joburg has photogenic people! I realised this again on a recent walk through Hillbrow with Dlala Nje (more about them below).

Spotting the camera, a lot of people wanted their pictures taken. There was a little cutie who threw some Top Model-worthy poses. The random guy outside the shebeen. A young woman selling fruit and vegetables. A little boy who followed me until his aunt told me what he wanted: a photo. I even had a photo bomber.

Sometimes this happens – people ask for photos. Other times, I ask. But I’m quite shy about it. My willing models gave me the guts to also ask people if I could photograph them.

When I checked my camera after the walk, I had loads of faces looking back at me. Maybe I initially wanted some gritty, dodgy shots to go with Hillbrow’s rougher than rough reputation. I’m happy I ended up with this set of images instead.

Okay, so Dlala Nje:
Dlala Nje (meaning ‘just play’ in Zulu) is a safe place where the kids at Ponte City, the infamous concrete monolith, can play and learn. It’s also becoming a cultural hub in the area. It hosts walks through Hillbrow to change perceptions about this notorious inner-city area. Follow them on Facebook to find out more.

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Posted by Gail Wilson on
Great photo's you really captured the friendly people of Hillbrow. Loved this walk.
Posted by admin on
Thanks so much Gail! Loved the walk too :)
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