Vintage with heart in Norwood

Here’s a quick tip if you like old stuff AND want to shop AND make life a bit better for people in need. Go to The Lamp Post in Norwood – on the corner of Grant and Ivy. Just look out for all the chairs, vintage suitcases, ‘animals’ and things on the pavement. When you see the popcorn machine, you’ve arrived!

Here are five reasons why this place is all about vintage with heart:

1. The Lamp Post sells vintage things, art and other goods. You can even have a cup of tea or coffee and some cake while watching Norwood-life going by. Or of course, while you decide whether you’ll be taking that old school hair dryer home (okay, that’s me – I was thinking about taking the hair dryer home).

2. The best thing about The Lamp Post is that it isn’t just a shop for shopping’s sake. I think it’s awesome that it’s operated as a non-profit and supports the St Luke’s soup kitchen in Orchards. Most of the people who go there are unemployed men. Many of them are homeless.

3. The owner, Jenny Marcus runs skills and job creation workshops too. And from there the African Street Paper Art Group was started. They’re a group of previously unemployed men who now works as artists. You can buy some of their quirky animals – all made from recycled items – at The Lamp Post. I just posted a photo of some of their simple designs - because it included bunnies and dogs!

4. The Lamp Post hosts monthly Art Jams, which were started by the cool Rebekah Spyker Plath, a fine artist. These are laid-back evenings where you can get creative with some like-minded people. Plus, a musician provides some live tunes. Msaki performed a few weeks ago (read more about this talented lady here). And the good times keep rolling with food and drinks too. 

5. The store now also has a vintage clothing outlet, Gillian Rose across the road. Yes, still with the intention to support people who need it most. I haven’t been yet, but if you go before me, let me know what it’s like. It includes a tailor service – I heard it’s really good.

Follow The Lamp Post on Facebook or contact (011) 728-6388.

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