Inside the Bannister Hotel

While walking around, checking out the alley art in Braamfontein last Friday, we ran into artist and tour guide for Past Experiences, Tania Olsson (you can read about one of the tours I went on with her here). She did one of my favourite alley art pieces: the mosaic swallows next to the Bannister Hotel in De Beer street.

I didn’t include it in my previous write-up, because Tania also took us into the Bannister Hotel and I mean, it’s a post on its own. She’s busy with an art mural on the hotel’s roof and took us to have a look.

Next time you're in Braamfontein, take some time out to check out the swallows and this budget-friendly hip hotel owned by photographer, now hotelier, Andrew Bannister. Here are some photos of some of the cool things we saw on our super quick visit.

Tania and the mosaic swallows.

Monde Manci at reception. The photo behind her was taken by Andrew. Every time I've been near the hotel, I've taken this photo (with whoever's at reception at the time), because I just love the whole vibe so much.

'Grass’ in the elevator. It’s a trip...

Love the lights!

Work in progress, but I just had to get in a bit of the Nelson Mandela bridge.

The hotel (I took this photo last year).

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Posted by Candice on
Very very cool!
Posted by Kim on
Wow, I was there years ago with Andrew - love that man's work! Looks like things have changed fabulously. Congrats Andrew! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by admin on
thanks for checking out the post, guys!
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