Hail the hoarders

This is a call to save the hoarders!

Granted, hoarding can be a severe psychological problem. But even those hoarders with their 1985 Huisgenoot magazines, ready-for-the-apocalypse stash of toilet paper, and 163 videos (sans VHS machine) under control are now viewed with disapproval (* cue rolling eyes *). And if the judgement is fierce enough and The Organisers get their way, not only the rubbish, but also the good stuff will go.

So, hail the hoarders, like my parents whose garage recently produced these vintage finds: rolls of wallpaper, Christmas lights, puzzles, dusty toys and some of my mother’s dolls. You can see she just loved the dinges out – and head off – of them. Thank you, parents!

Ps The parents don’t have 1985 Huisgenoot magazines or toilet paper for forever, but they do have some videos (VHS – and Beta!).

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Posted by Ronel on
Ons het ook daardie space board game gehad! Haha!
Posted by Candice on
oh my goodness!!! You have such gems here and love the photography :)
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