Sentimental value

A Lego pendant, toy soldier cuff links, a painting of a Victorian lady crying sapphire tears in a frame adorned with intricate cowboy, horse, airplane and daschund charms… You’ve just got to love jeweller, Geraldine Fenn’s work. I'm a fan, can you tell? These pieces and more form part of her joint exhibition (on until the end of May 2013) with the equally talented fine artist, Gina Waldman. 

Called Sentimental Value, their collection explores the idea of sentimentality and what value means. Although each one of them does it in their own way, their works touch on similar imagery, such as sentimental tears and items that unleash  a solid dose of nostalgia. For me, those Lego blocks, 1980s Barbie shoes and the vintage storybook cut-outs did it.

But back to the exhibition - Geraldine and Gina are both master collectors, so expect a peek into their own personal collections.

Fascinated with Victorian jewellery, Geraldine uses techniques like engraving and casting and objects, like lockets. Beautiful photos of her pieces and her own collections are part of the exhibition too. Think: a printer’s tray filled with bunnies, wedding cake toppers, little skeletons, a toy parrot, Russian nesting dolls...

Gina’s works recall the very Victorian trend of curiosity cabinets and pinning down ‘valuable’ specimens to perhaps show off these treasured finds and to preserve them for posterity. I love the story book images, her multilayered works and the pinned down vintage embroidered tea towels, serviettes and lace, which she says took ages to collect.

Man, I want so many things from this exhibition! Check it out at the Liz Loubser Gallery (11 Cecilia avenue, Risidale).

* All photos by Sarah de Pina (excluding the frame and eye photos)

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