These are made with wire - wow!

Wire sheep, wire proteas, wire flamingos, wire chameleons, wire anything…In South Africa, we're used to seeing wire art at traffic lights and on street corners. But you may not have seen anything like the aluminum wire works created by Walter Oltmann... Combining solid concepts and what must be an impressive amount of labour and time, they are just plain wow! It actually feels wrong to call them 'wire works' or to have started this post by referencing wire crafts!

Walter's solo exhibition, called Penumbra, opened yesterday at the Goodman Gallery in Joburg and will be running until 22 July 2013. All the photos are courtesy of the gallery - thank you! Most of them feature works made with wire but the two last ones are ink on paper. I also included some close-ups so you could see some of the details of the wire wall hangings, which kind of give a nod to crocheting. But of course, it's better to go check them out yourself, especially since technique and meaning are such a big part of the exhibition.

For me, the works represent juxtapositions - lightness vs darkness, delicateness vs hardness, details vs the bigger picture - literally woven together… But click here to read more about the show and the thinking behind it - and let me know what you think!

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