A walk of celebration

I work with words every day. But I’m struggling to find the right – the perfect – ones to write about Nelson Mandela. Madiba.

So I have these pictures to show you instead... This past Sunday (declared a national day of prayer and reflection for Madiba) the Gauteng Carnival turned Jozi town’s streets in a riot of colour, music and smile-inducing awesomeness. There were even giant puppets. I love those giant puppets! The carnival was going to happen anyway, but with Madiba passing away it became a singing, dancing celebration of his life in many ways.

As I was watching in awe at Ellis Park and later walking with the procession to Troyeville, I felt overwhelmed but happy. And then Robin, the Best-est Husband, who ran around taking pictures and high-fiving people (true story!), said something that I think captured yesterday for me: “It’s about celebrating a person’s life – and legacy – and not just about mourning their death.”

Of course, it shouldn’t just end there, but yesterday, these words felt just right.

More about the Carnival
The carnival is an initiative Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation and the City of Joburg. It involves a process where training takes place in carnival camps and communities by artists and artisans across the province – and it all culminates in the street parade. So much work and detail have gone into the outfits, rehearsals etc. But the carnival doesn’t seem to be that well marketed, so follow the Facebook page to stay in the know.

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Posted by Wendy Landau on
Such beautiful photos dear Bear - will you share them on your FB page too as I would like to share them widely. I shared the link to your wonderful post!
Posted by Gail Wilson on
Have being following your blog for sometime and we have 'done' a few things together but I have never met you. You captured the spirit of yesterday so well. I would have liked to have walked the whole route with them as I felt an incredible unity amongst all.
Posted by admin on
Hi Gail, thank you for the kind words and following my little-little blog! Yesterday was so special.
Posted by admin on
Thanks so much for checking my post and sharing it too! Will save the photies to FB :) Thanks again!
Posted by Andrew on
I love your photographs and your blog you are such an amazing photographer !!-and my favourite blogger of all time!
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