Inside the haunted hospital

The wheelchair has been forgotten in the shadowy hospital passage long ago. Later, it will become part of the dark. It’s then, in the icy blackness, that its rusty wheels will start groaning again. Pushing it, an unseen entity on its way to a ward where no living doctor or nurse has set foot for almost 20 years...

haunted hospital

Sorry guys, I made that up (and freaked myself out a bit while I wrote it). A place like the abandoned, and rumoured to be haunted, Kempton Park Hospital will do that to you. Especially if you watch every ghost story on DStv (note to self: don’t watch every ghost story on DStv).

Nobody seems to know why this big hospital was abandoned in the mid-1990s – still with equipment valued at an estimated R10 million inside...

A few weeks ago, when I went with a group of people (including my cool friend, Gail), I didn’t see or feel anything spooky. But it was mid-morning and maybe I was just too side-tracked by everything. Things like the vintage health posters for small pox. The sad glass panels with cartoon characters in the children’s ward. The hand-written names on files that seem to have been abrubtly left behind. The cold empty benches. The notes on blackboards which look like they were written yesterday. The mortuary tag destined for a corpse's toe.

haunted hospital

The place is creepy. And we didn’t even cover all the floors. You have to bribe the guards. R50 gets you in. You’re asked not to remove or damage anything and to try not to fall down the empty lift shafts... When the guards changed shifts, we had to leave or pay again. I didn’t want to go, but there was no way that I was staying on my own.

The hospital, which has just become more rundown over the years, is now a favourite haunt (excuse the pun) of ghost hunters and vandals.

Here are more of my photos. After looking at them, I’m a bit more creeped out than I was while taking them (repeat that note to self).

After this, my next post will have to be about unicorns and bunnies jumping over rainbows!

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Posted by Ronel on
I was born in that hospital :)
Posted by Gail Wilson on
Very cool article, I didn't want to go either. Thanks for the mention.
Posted by admin on
Ah, the birthplace of one of the coolest people I know :)
Posted by admin on
Thanks so much, Gail - and that I could go with. Big hugs!
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