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Hot chocolate... It must be one of the best things the world has ever come up with. And the Colombians know more than a thing or two about it. Just ask beautiful Carolina Bedoya, a photographer from Bogota in Colombia, who has called South Africa home for four years. Her company, En Casa products imports 100% fine cocoa hot chocolate. It is huge over there, she says. I love the place already.

“Hot chocolate is part of our traditions and culture, especially in Bogota. We drink it at breakfast time or in the afternoon before dinner. I doubt there is a home in Bogota or even in the whole of Colombia without an Olleta (metal jug) and a Molinillo (wooden whisk) – the tools we use to make a traditional hot chocolate. This is the way that grandma used to make it and the way that we will forever make it.”

So why is it different? “It's all about the quality and richness,” she says. “Colombia is one of the few Latin-American countries to produce the top 5% of the world's fine cocoa.” But it’s also prepared a bit differently. “You must take a little bit of time when preparing the hot chocolate to be able to enjoy the best of it. Like most good things, putting some work and love into it will make all the difference.”

Here’s how you make it:

1. Heat milk or water in a metal container. Add one bar of chocolate per cup and melt.
2. Once the mixture starts to boil, stir vigorously until frothy. You can use a whisk or blender or get yourself a Molinillo :)
3. Enjoy!

The hot chocolate comes in different variations – from a no sugar version to an option with sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Prices vary between R70 and R85 for 250g or 500g. More info here.

All the photos credited to Carolina! Thank you!

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