10 reminders from a dog

Okay, so she’s just a dog – and a foster one for us at that. But this face will always have a place in my heart. We looked after Jessie (now called Grace) for PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) – Johannesburg and on Saturday she went to her lovely forever family.

Grace had a bit of a rough life until now. One of her back legs was badly broken and not treated, so it had to be amputated. But this dog! She’s just about 10 months old, but during this past two weeks, she reminded me of some things:

1. Take a nap – or numerous naps – if you have to.
2. Make that naps in the sun. Naps + Sun = The Best.
3. The scary things, like climbing the stairs, are usually worth getting over.  

4. Your bum may be bony. Shake it in any case.
5. Forget unimportant things. “I only have three legs! What?!”
6. People in your past may have been rubbish. Don’t hold it against the new humans you meet.
7. Be kind, even when you’ve got a really bad cold and are at the vet where little kids and old people want to pet you and hear your story.

8. Always be prepared to be bowled over. Humans – yay! Food – yay! Naps in the sun – yay!
9. Play!
10. Make such an impression that when you go to your forever home, your temp humans are left doing the ugly cry.

Miss you Jessie-Grace!

PETS works with disadvantaged communities. When a pet is ‘surrendered’ by its owner or rescued like Grace, this organisation makes sure it gets a new home. It doesn’t have its own kennels, but rely on a network of pet foster families. You don’t have to foster an animal though. You can also get involved in other ways. Check out PETS’ Facebook page to find out more.

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Posted by Gail Wilson on
10 good points to remember, funny how we learn such important stuff from the creatures we least expect it.
Posted by admin on
thanks for reading gail! too true :)
Posted by Steph Nel on
I love this! Letting fosters go does make you do the ugly cry, but it is worth every facial contortion and tear drop!
Posted by admin on
Ah, thanks Steph. Glad it's normal :) You're right though - it's very worth it!
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